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Flaer - The pepper spinner

Flaer is primarily inspired by the shape and structure of windmills. The mechanism is inspired by studies done on how wind movements and particles behave in relation to one another. The design looks and functions like a pinwheel.  Flaer’s competitive advantage over other salt pepper shakers that are currently in the market is the design’s ability to bring control to the user while seasoning their food with salt or pepper. The product is designed in such a way that the speed of the spinning movements administered by the user dictates how much salt or pepper is dispensed.

For prototyping purposes, we used AMACO because of the ease of casting and it was an accessible material. However, in production we are going to change the material to porcelain. We arrived to porcelain because we are trying to stay away from harmful plastics in an attempt to stay environmentally friendly as well as be cautious about plastics near food items. In terms of costs injection molds and machining metals such as aluminum is too expensive to be able to produce in our price range. We used slip casting method to create the prototypes. We plan on using the same process for small batch production. We will be producing small batches for orders under 100 units.

Deminsion: 2.36” x 2.36” 3.54”  (60 x 60 x 90 mm)
Materials: AMACO ceramic, silicon, glaze
Year: 2017 Fall
Main Designer: Jingying Yu
Contributors: Anuja Kapri, Summer Chen