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/ Showcase at AIA Center

Inspired by Japanese graphic designer Hara Kanya and Chinese Zen.  

     | “Design should retain the most critical things, white space is a state that can produce strong communication.”  -   Designing Design by Hara Kanya

Introduced the second law of thermodynamics:

     | " white is the extreme of negative entropy; it derives from chaos, but reverses chaos. White breaks away from every kind of chaos. It is an original form of the life and contains a message. White is closely related to life. For example, when the baby is born, the milk is white, which is the food that gives life; whereas ashes are also white, the Chinese character "white" comes from the shape of human skulls."  -  White by Hara Kanya

Liu changqing, a poet from the tang dynasty

     |“And, mingling with truth among the flowers, I have forgotten what to say.”  -  by Liu, changqing

Zen is a Chinese word. Meditation refers to clearing the mind of peace. Zen mind indicates that the innermost being is empty and calm. White is the best expression vector and representative of Chinese zen. The white space principle in traditional chinese painting and calligraphy is a good example of this. Calligraphy is the most classical expression of this ancient Chinese philosophy. Calligraphy is a kind of advanced art with legal degree. Practice calligraphy, techniques and techniques of writing, painting, structure, rules and so on. Like white, it is "quiet" and "dynamic". It seems simple, yet complex; such as a splashed ink landscape painting, like the water flowing beneath a little bridge, every word is full of stories.

Design from Imagination: In a bright space, a simple arrangement, a kind old man is wielding the brush, a word and a picture are telling the story behind it. This is a realm of life (or lifestyle).

Under the conditions of modern life which is faster and faster, it’s essential to take some time off, use these ways to relax to create a situation that is calming, and carefree, slowing time. One should give oneself a chance to talk with ones inner self, let the physical and mental fatigue be released and rest. This is the meaning of Chinese zen.This is the Chinese philosophy that I want to express. I want to offer people furniture with such a simplicity of line and neutrality of color that it invites customers to write their own narrative within any given room, like a calligrapher wielding a brush on a long scroll. A single word can tell the story. White achieves the goal of limiting visual noise, letting people, feel calm and relaxed in their personal surroundings. Inviting people to renew, rejuvenate.

White contains tool ( brush holder, ink container, brush washer, paperweight, organize tray), desk and chair. All tools and desktop made from cast white concrete, that brings me to choose the metal frame for desk and chair, because metal has high weight capacity. Why I choose concrete as the main material for this design? In ancient China, the paper was very expensive, therefore people were practicing the calligraphy on the stone. Desk and chair have been designed with very precise ergonomics proportion, that fits on users need comfortable position to write either stand or set. I designed plant pot at the side, because the plant has the property of bringing calm, comfort, and hope for people, and it's replaceable embedded in desk to limit visual noise. Tools are inside the toolbox which is integrated with the plant pot, engaging users to pull out the toolbox from the table top different with traditional desk drawer often massed up the staff inside. All tools' demotion designed with the precise measurement from different Chinese calligraphy brush. Brush washer has a small groove on the edge for drain after washing. Ink container has a small island at center for drop the ink. Brush holder designed a small sink at the bottom for water drop after washed brush. Organize tray designed to contain all tools for easy to reach and organize, and it has embed brush rest, blotting paper supply for working space next to tools, small concrete corner to stabilize paper. Paperweight designed small groove for rest the brush outside of organizing tray.

/ Furniture Design / Product Design /
Designer: Jinying Yu
Photographer: Dachuan Chu