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Re-surfacing Textural Closeup

Re-Surfacing Project

The re-surfacing project is an exploration of modularity textile design. The open-ended design of this project derived from a question, how modular design can improve the current manufacture method in a home-good upholstery context. Through the modular interlocking interfaces on each individual unit, the model can be expended almost infinity without sewing pieces together permanently. This "re-formattable" nature encourages users to create, test, and prototype their own patterns, but also extends the product life cycle to create a more sustainable approach in upholstery applications. The project was exhibited in Wanted Design Brooklyn in 2019.

Re-Surfacing Adapted To A Cushion
Re-Surfacing Adapted To A Cushion
Re-Surfacing Project As Showcased At Wanted Design, 2019
Exploration Of Different Patterns