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Looper: A Self-Rolling Strap

For when you need an extra hand

In creating Looper, Kent Wang '17 created a simple, universal, and affordable product to help commuters combine the many items they carry with them. Unlike other products on the market, Looper wasn't designed to combine products in a family, it was designed to work with an array of products from different manufacturers. Looper's strap contains a self-rolling spring coil, so it can roll up tightly and automatically. Covered by a non-slip rubber and featuring a round snap hook on one end, Looper is a pleasure to carry. On the front, a blank tag for contact information helps identify the item's owner.

The prototype shows a variety of ways that commuters can utilize. User cases include hooking up many shopping bags to the bus handle, tying luggages up before boarding the flight, even holding many things while using the restroom.
The key ring feature demonstrates attaching function, which could hook up accessories or another “Looper.”

About the Designer

Kent Wang '17 is enthusiastic about design and making consumer electronics. He is currently developing a game-changing musical instrument to make playing easier and fun. Kent received his bachelor's degree in Industrial and Product Design from the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology.