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An auto-dimming smart lamp

addressing a gap in the market

When Kent Wang '17 returns home after sunset, he usually has to grope for the light switch in the dark. With the right type of lamp, it would know if he was home, and it would brighten the space when it was dark. There are many choices in the market that serve a similar purpose, but none of these products can understand whether it is daylight or evening. Beacon recognizes environmental illumination, determining when to turn itself on, and how bright it should be. Built-in sensors automatically know when the user is present, and when he or she needs light, and adjusts itself to perfectly suit the ambient learning. To conserve energy, the user can define the period of illumination from 10 seconds to infinity. During daylight hours, Beacon remains off.

Beacon is not only a floor lamp, it is a smart lighting solution. The whole system is integrated into three modules: sensors, a central controller, and an LED. The design of beacon can change so long as it has these three modules. The Beacon solution also provides open-source service: you can use Kent's Arduino sketch to set up your own Beacon on github.



During the prototyping, Kent finished the plywood surface with a complex pattern by utilizing a unique design technique in 3D modeling software. The CNC router makes sure that the pattern on four sides precisely matches for each other.

About the Designer

Kent Wang '17 is enthusiastic about design and making consumer electronics. He is currently developing a game-changing musical instrument to make playing easier and fun. Kent received his bachelor's degree in Industrial and Product Design from the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology.