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Hsin-Chun Wang

Hsin-Chun Wang is the Director of Product Design and the founder of Hyfen, a design collection of home goods and furniture that focuses on bridging human sense, physics, material and geometry to create strange-familiar new objects that recompose how we interact with environment and daily life. As a designer and entrepreneur, Hsin-Chun Wang is rediscovering the user's daily experience of objects, and redefining the relationship between human scale, space, and landscape. His work exists at the intersection of functionality and sensibility.

The products Hsin-Chun Wang created for Hyfen were featured by Kickstarter, MoMA Design store, Touch of Modern, and Wanted Design store. Hsin’s work has been published in design magazines in the UK, China, Hong Kong and Germany. He has exhibited at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair, New York; the International Singapore Furniture Fair (IFFS); The Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair; and the China Furniture Fair, among others. In 2016, he was awarded “Best Designer and Design Studio” by IFFS, Singapore and “50 Young Professionals” of Red Dot award, Germany.

What is "product design" today?
We live in a new age where each individual can achieve much more than our parents and previous generations ever could. A networker can distribute grand ideas through the Internet with videos and live-streaming clips, impact the mainstream society to achieve amazing things like the Ice Bucket Challenge project. A maker can 3D-print new products directly from ideas and raise initial income internationally through crowdfunding like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. A PR person can build communities and promote products and services by persistent Instagramming. Every day, countless great stories reveal that product design is evolving more swiftly than ever before. This raises two important questions for current designers: (1) How do we separate the meaningful from the trivial (2) How can we use the right resources to design objects that make meaningful change in the world?

What is "good design"?
There are numerous perspectives that define a good design, but good designers have these two qualities: (1) great vision and (2) great execution.

What are you trying to accomplish in Product Design?
To train a new generation of product designers who are not only able to practice traditional design, but also have the ability and courage to adapt new digital and physical tools, new technologies, and new trends into his or her design freely.

What courses do you currently teach?
IDES*606 Design Method II
IDES*503 Business Planning and Practice


MDes Product Design Director
MFA, Cranbrook Academy of Art
BS, National Cheng Kung University

Contact Info
Office: Terra 5th Floor